COVID-19 Facemask made with CNC router / Laser cutter

Hello to everyone in the print and fabrication industries. It is times like this where we have to make a shift in production to something that helps fight the spread of COVID-19. While printing in New Jersey is considered an “essential” business, for some of us the work is coming to an end. To help change gears Vinylbomb is offering a face shield that can easily be produced on a laser cutter or CNC router. Most importantly it would be a product Made in the USA. Any “Essential” retail business can benefit from the added protection in addition to a standard face mask. I do want to give credit to that offers a template for those of you with a 3d printer. They are offering it free of charge to produce a 3D face shield. I do not however have a 3D printer. I am a 3 year old small business with 6 full times employees currently “on call”. If anyone would like to place orders to keep us busy that would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone who can use the template to stay in business and keep your employees from being laid off I am not charging for the template. Please send me a request

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